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by | Jan 12, 2023 | Card Grading, Naruto Kayou, TCG News

At Mana Grading, we are thrilled to announce our latest venture – grading Naruto Kayou cards. As ardent fans of the renowned anime and trading card game, we are eager to extend our expertise to collectors of this cherished set. Our team of experts has meticulously studied the Naruto Kayou set, enabling us to grade each card accurately based on its condition. We adhere to stringent grading standards to ensure our grades are consistent and fair, thereby enhancing the value of your Naruto Kayou cards.

Why Grade your Naruto Cards?

The Naruto Kayou trading card game (TCG) is an exhilarating pastime for fans of the Naruto franchise. Like any collectible, it’s crucial to ensure your cards are accurately graded to safeguard their value. That’s where we, at Mana Grading, step in. As one of the few companies that grade Naruto Kayou cards in the US, we utilize our advanced AI system, Dragon-Eye, to provide precise and consistent grades for your cards.

Why should collectors grade with Mana?

Our AI system is designed to recognize the key factors that determine a card’s grade, and it can evaluate hundreds of cards in just a few minutes. This not only expedites the grading process but also ensures that every card is graded according to the same strict standards. Furthermore, our expert grading team verifies the AI-generated grade and adds any notes or observations before slabbing the card. This is why we call it AI-assisted grading.

Transparent Grading Reports

No more guessing why your precious Anniversary card got a 9.5 and not a 10. Just log into Mana Studio, head to your stash, click the card and see all the data that Dragoneye used to formulate your grade.

Digital storage and bulk discounts

In addition to accurate grades, we also offer digital storage of graded cards and bulk discounts for orders of 10 or more cards. This means that you can save up to 40% off the regular price when you order 100 or more cards at once.

How to order

Ordering with Mana Grading is simple and straightforward. Just visit our website, select the “Order Now” option, and enter your cards details in our user-friendly order form. We’ll handle the rest, and you’ll have your graded cards back in no time.


What is Naruto Kayou?

Naruto Kayou is a popular trading card game based on the Naruto anime series. The cards feature various characters from the series and are collected and traded by fans worldwide.

Where can I buy Naruto Kayou cards?

Naruto Kayou cards can be purchased from various online retailers, hobby shops, and at anime or gaming conventions. It’s always recommended to buy from reputable sources to ensure the authenticity of the cards.

How can I grade my Naruto Kayou cards?

You can grade your Naruto Kayou cards through grading services like Mana Grading. They use an advanced AI system, Dragon-Eye, to provide precise and consistent grades for your cards.

What is the value of Naruto Kayou cards?

The value of Naruto Kayou cards can vary greatly depending on factors such as rarity, condition, and demand among collectors. Graded cards, especially those with high grades, can be particularly valuable.

How can I tell if a Naruto Kayou card is rare?

Rarity in the Naruto Kayou series is often determined by the card’s features, such as holographic finishes, unique artwork, or limited edition prints. The card’s tier can also indicate its rarity. For an extensive guide on Kayou we recommend checking out the guide to Naruto kayou from Capsule Corp gear

What are the different tiers in Naruto Kayou?

Naruto Kayou cards are categorized into different tiers based on their rarity and power in the game. The tier information is usually indicated on the card itself.

Where can I find a list of Naruto Kayou cards?

How can I protect my Naruto Kayou cards?

Protecting your Naruto Kayou cards can be done by keeping them in protective sleeves or cases, avoiding exposure to direct sunlight, and handling them with clean hands. Our Grading services also  use UV protected Slabs when grading and encapsulating your cards.

What are the grading standards for Naruto Kayou cards?

Grading standards for Naruto Kayou cards involve assessing the card’s condition based on factors like the card’s centering, corners, edges, and surface. At Mana Grading, an advanced AI system is used to ensure consistent and accurate grading, utilising unique centering algorithms, that take a cards skew and cut into consideration.

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