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Frequently Asked Questions

What cards do you grade?

We specialize in almost every trading card game there is, and our sophisticated AI can grade practically anything, as long as it exists online in some form, it will find it and learn from it. We have got you covered!

What is imaging?

Imaging is a unique feature to Mana Grading, an image of every card is captured the moment we receive the cards, this ensures that no visible damage has been done to the card and used during the grading process. Once the card has been graded you can view your card online, meaning the card could never be swapped out for fakes. Unlike other grading platforms, here you have complete peace of mind. This feature is incredibly useful for buying and selling cards, you always know you will get the real deal, and don’t have to spend time taking photos of your cards.

How are the cards graded?

There are many steps involved in the Mana Grading process to ensure the highest quality, accuracy and service is achieved. From the moment your cards arrive they are in safe, capable hands. We use a 3 step system, which you can read more about on our “How We Grade” page.

Turnaround times

We try to be as transparent as possible with our turnaround times, no games, no hidden times. If we are delayed, we will always let you know here on the website first.

What if the cards are not graded on time?

Whilst we strive to complete all orders on time, there maybe be cases where we miss the expected window, unlike our competitors, we take your satisfaction very seriously, you will be always kept in the loop about your order with any and all updates directly sent to you.

If a card is altered, what will happen?

In the event that we find the card is altered in any way, it will be encapsulated still with a label describing what alteration was found, along with the authenticity of the card. This usually includes: Inked/filled in edges, trimming and fakes.

How do I transfer ownership of a card?

Ownership transfers can be initiated by the current owner in Mana Studio, simply lookup the card and click transfer to start the process, provide the new owner with a code to claim on the lookup page within Mana Studio.

My case has some frosting, is that normal?

This is common for all slabs in all grading industries, occasionally a small white area or spec can appear on the edge of the case from sealing, this is completely normal. The only time you should be concerned is if the frosting appears all the way around the case, we can verify this for you too! Feel free to send your questions over to support@managrading.com.

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