Why Mana?

Generic Grading Co.

Inconsistent grading

Cards that rattle in the slab

Unreasonable bulk order quantities

Stupidly long turnaround times

Poor quality control

Labels that are incorrect misaligned stuck-on up-side down folded creased missing

Consistent AI grading

Grades backed by data

Cards are slabbed in sleeves

Bulk order discounts from 10+ cards

Super fast turnaround times

Transparent grading reports

Hybrid Human/AI quality control

AI Grading.
Backed by data, not opinion.

Every card submitted to Mana Grading go through the same simple 3 step process to ensure the most accurate grade and fast turnaround.


Your card is heavily analyzed by Dragon Eye to look for any potential alterations such as trimming, inking (edges/borders), and many other counterfeit possibilities.

In addition, Dragon Eye assigns your card a provisional grade for centering, surface, edges, and corners.


Our graders will grade the cards thoroughly and accurately, using the AI provisional grade to enable complete accuracy.

Our graders are highly trained TCG enthusiasts who take great pride in preserving our high standards, never settling for lazy grades.


All of our cases are sonic welded, meaning they can never be opened without the weld frosting.

This paired with a digital record of your grade being available through Mana Studio means that you have all your grading info directly at your fingertips.

Our Grades

Our grading standards are designed for collectors. We don’t turn away damaged cards, and we grade all the way from 0.5-10, including half grades and two 10’s to cater for Flawless Cards with perfect Alignment (oooo so rare!)


A card that is heavily damaged, disfigured, torn entirely, but still recognisable with at least 90% of the original card remaining.


A card that is damaged in every aspect, corners, edges, surface scratches, large amounts of whitening etc.


A card that is clearly damaged like grades 1 or 2, but with key areas still maintaining pristine condition.

Heavy Play

A card that has heavy whitening on all edges, heavy scratches on the surfaces, light one sided creases visible from the back.

Heavy Play

Moderate whitening on any edge, small scratches and blemishes, hard to notice/small creases on one side only.

Mod. Play

No creases whatsoever, moderate amount of whitening on edges and small scratches/blemishes on surface.

Light Play

Minor amount of edge whitening, light scratches/blemishes, minimal amount of surface scuffing.


Small amounts of edge damage, no more than 3cm around the border. Small spots of silvering/very light blemishes.

Near Mint

No more than 1.5cm of total edge damage or very light hard to notice surface blemishes or scratches.


Any card that has less than 0.5cm total edge damage OR visible surface blesmishes.
So close to GOLD!

Gem Mint

A Gem mint is reserved for any card that scores 10 on both surface and edges but not on corners or centering.


A card that is simply flawless with centering, surface, edges and corners all scoring a perfect 10 on all subgrades.

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