Top 10 Most Valuable Cards from Pokemon Silver Tempest

by | Jan 6, 2023 | Pokemon

The Pokemon Trading Card Game has been gaining momentum in recent years. The artwork being released on the cards has finally reached the level of excitement surrounding the game, and the game itself is evolving in a thrilling way. With the Pokemon TCG Live and Pokemon Scarlet & Violet events, the popularity of the franchise has reached an all-time high. The Silver Tempest set is also considered one of the best sets ever, with many highly sought-after cards. These are the most valuable ones currently available in the Silver Tempest set.

10. Lugia VSTAR

The Lugia VSTAR card is highly regarded as one of the strongest cards released in recent times. Its VSTAR Power with Summoning Star allows you to add up to two Normal-type Pokemon from the discard pile to your bench, as long as they aren’t Rule Box Pokemon.

When paired with the Archeops card (also from the same set) and a powerful Amazing Rare Pokemon that is normally difficult to power up, the Lugia VSTAR can create an exceptional deck. It has proven to be a formidable force in competitions and is expected to become a top-tier deck. As a result, even the regular Lugia VSTAR has gained significant value.

9. Friends in Galar

In contrast, the Friends in Galar card isn’t as good as other cards available in the game. Its effect is limited to drawing only three cards, an effect that has already been used for various rival characters such as Cheren and Hop.

This card is not useful in high-level play, yet it remains valuable. This is likely due to the attractive art featuring the Galar squad, including the protagonists Bede, Hop, and Marnie.

8. Skuntank V (Alternate Full Art)

Skuntank is a card that is valued more for its art and uniqueness rather than its actual usefulness. It is an alternate full art card, which typically drives up its price, but it is the art itself that truly makes Skuntank V special. The art on Skuntank V depicts a family of Skuntank in their burrow, with adorable Stunky children peeking out. They appear to be searching for food and spot a Paras on the surface. Some cards are sought after solely for their attractive appearance, and Skuntank V is a prime example of this

7. Lugia VSTAR (Rainbow Foil Secret Rare)

The Lugia VSTAR card has been discussed as a powerful option in the current format. It is expected to surpass Arceus VSTAR decks, which have dominated for a while now. As with any card, the rarer versions tend to be more valuable. This rainbow Secret Rare card is visually stunning. It features Lugia in a dynamic pose and the rainbow foiling has been expertly executed by the Pokemon Company in recent sets. While some may view the loss of colors as a drawback, it is still considered more valuable than the regular Lugia VSTAR.

6. Lugia VSTAR (Gold Foil Secret Rare)

The gold Secret Rare version of Lugia VSTAR is currently the most expensive in terms of price. Its art style is a nice balance, with the gold foiling adding visual appeal while also preserving Lugia’s signature white and blue colors. Gold rare cards have been highly sought-after in recent years, and that trend continues in the Silver Tempest set. When a card as strong as Lugia VSTAR also has attractive artwork, its price tends to increase quickly.

5. Rayquaza VMAX

Rayquaza is included on this list primarily for its impressive appearance rather than any particularly strong effects. While its Azure Pulse ability can be helpful in certain situations and its Max Burst move has the potential to deal significant damage, they are not sufficient to make Rayquaza a top choice in the current format, even as a Rapid Strike Pokemon, which typically provides benefits to the card. Despite this, Rayquaza VMAX has gained many fans due to its beautiful artwork featuring Zynnia as its trainer in the Trainer Gallery version. The colors and atmosphere depicted on the card are truly stunning.

4. Serena (Full Art)

The value of the Full Art Serena card is an interesting case. Despite being worth a significant amount, it is expected to be even higher. Full Art Supporters are some of the most expensive cards in the game, with the exception of a few rare Charizard cards from 20 years ago. Serena is also a useful card in the current format, serving as either a last-ditch draw Supporter or additional copies of Boss’s Orders if needed. The card has vibrant, full colors and features an iconic character in a charming pose. Its mechanics in the game are also very useful. The only thing preventing this card from being even more expensive is its relative newness, making it a prime investment opportunity

3. Unown V (Alternate Full Art)

At first glance, Unown V almost seems like a joke or custom card. Its Shady Stamp attack is useless, while its Victory Symbol attack allows you to win the game if you have one Prize card remaining. Its larger form, Unown VSTAR, is also situationally useful but not particularly strong. The attractive art is what really makes Unown V valuable, showing several Unown flying around in what appears to be the Ruins Of Alph. The novelty of an Alternate Full Art card with a game-winning move on a traditionally weak Pokemon is also very appealing.

2. Regidrago V (Alternate Full Art)

Regidrago V is more in line with what you would generally expect from a high-value card. Its alternate Full Art is breathtaking, depicting Regidrago relaxing next to some ruins with a Lugia visible in the distance. The card is visually stunning, and legendary Pokemon tend to be valued slightly higher than regular Pokemon. While Regidrago V on its own is not particularly strong, its larger form, Regidrago VSTAR, is quite useful. While it may not be the best deck in the Pokemon TCG, it can be effective with the right support. Therefore, Regidrago is both functional and beautiful

1. Lugia V (Alternate Full Art)

The Lugia V Alternate Full Art card is definitely one of the few that is worth its high price. Firstly, it is a necessary card for the currently dominant Lugia VSTAR decks, meaning it is not just for display in a binder. What makes this card even more expensive than the VSTAR form is the stunning art. It shows Lugia in the midst of a storm, perched atop a ship that looks both awe-inspiring and intimidating. Few cards capture the essence of a Pokemon as effectively as Lugia V does.

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