The Top 5 Vintage Pokemon Cards that We Graded ‘Damaged’

by | May 19, 2023 | Pokemon

Our Top 5 Cards we Graded as Damaged

Pokemon has been a cultural phenomenon for over two decades, and the franchise has brought us many memorable moments and beloved characters. For collectors, vintage Pokemon cards hold a special place in their hearts, as they represent a piece of nostalgia from their childhood. Unfortunately, not all vintage cards are in perfect condition, but it’s those that often have the best stories behind them, and that’s why we reserve grades 1-3 for Damaged card at Mana. In this post, we’ll take a closer look at the top 5 vintage Pokemon cards that we have fallen into the Damaged category.

Base Set Venusaur

The Base Set Venusaur is one of the most iconic cards from the first generation of Pokemon, so it’s no surprise that this one came into us in the condition it did when sent in by HotShotFrontier, however what was a surprise was the initials of it’s childhood owner scratched into the front surface! Mr KR, if you are out there, im sure you are going to want this in your collection. The back also had seen better days with what looks like either paint or Wite Out. Despite its damaged state, it’s still an awesome card for a collector who is looking for every grade of Venusaur… espeically if your initials are KR!

Japanese CD Promo Charizard

The Japanese CD Promo Charizard is a rare card that was only available to customers who purchased a certain CD in Japan. It features the iconic Charizard in a dynamic pose, with flames surrounding it. This particular card has significant scratches, creases, dmamaged corners significant edge damage, however, its rarity and the fact that it’s a Charizard will always make it a desirable piece for collectors.

Italian Lugia from Aquapolis

The Italian Lugia from Aquapolis is a stunning card that features the legendary Pokemon in a beautiful holofoil design. Unfortunately, the card we graded seemed to have been rubbed on a table upwards of 50,000 times… or perhaps went through a few washes in the owners pocket. Surprisingly the holo area is beautiful and surprisingly free of much damage. With incredible amounts of surface damage to both sides and edges that show wear on almost every spare millimeter this card should be proud to get our absolute lowest grade of 1!

Japanese Erikas Venusaur from Gym Challenge

The Japanese Erikas Venusaur from Gym Challenge is a unique card that was only available in Japan. It features a different artwork from the standard Venusaur card and has a lower HP value of 90. The card we graded sent in by LawyerCityGym had a number of creases as well as surface damage and dirt to the rear of the card, which greatly reduced its value, like the Lugia, the holo area is surprisingly clean!

Shadowless Base Set Charizard

The Shadowless Base Set Charizard is one of the most sought-after cards among collectors. It’s a rare variant of the Base Set Charizard that was only available for a short time before it was replaced with a version that included a shadow under the Pokemon’s image. This card sent in by Kaotic Retro could have been an incredibly valuable card if not for the obvious crease right down the middle. If only we could re-live the story of this happening, we can only imagine an older sibling reached their boiling point with their younger, and took things to the extreme. This card, if not for the crease could have easily scored and 8/8.5 (a potential dollar value of around $2000) with the majority of surface and edge damage having been caused by the folding.

So  that wraps it up! Vintage Pokemon cards hold a special place in the hearts of many collectors, and while damaged cards may not be in the best condition, they can still be valuable to those who want to complete their collection or have cards with stories to tell. These Pokemon cards we have picked out are just a few examples of vintage cards that still have value despite their damaged state, and while here at Mana we love to see your minty and flawless 10’s, we can’t wait for you to send in your well-loved childhood cards with stories to tell.


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