Grading your Trading Cards: a Smart Addition to any Investment Portfolio

by | Dec 14, 2022 | Card Grading, Mana Guides

Do you have a collection of trading cards that you’re looking to turn into a profitable investment? One option to consider is trading card grading. This process involves having your cards professionally evaluated and certified by Mana.

But why should you invest in grading your cards? Here are a few reasons why graded trading cards can be a smart addition to your investment portfolio:

Authenticity and protection against counterfeits

One of the biggest concerns for trading card collectors is the threat of counterfeits. Grading your cards can provide peace of mind by ensuring that your cards are authentic. At Mana we use a variety of AI and Human driven techniques to verify the authenticity of a card, including analyzing its physical characteristics and comparing it to a database of known counterfeits.

Increased resale value

Grading your trading cards can increase their value by providing a professional and unbiased assessment of their condition. This can be especially useful for rare or highly sought-after cards, as collectors and investors are often willing to pay a premium for cards that have been professionally graded and certified. For example, a well-preserved, first-edition Charizard that we recently graded now fetches a market value of almost $24,000, with some cards fetching even more!

Aesthetic appeal

Our graded cards are returned to you sonic welded in a protective case, which protects the card and adds to its aesthetic appeal thanks to our popular sleek labels. This can make your collection more visually appealing and increase its overall desirability.

Increased marketability

Graded cards are generally easier to sell than ungraded cards. This is because they have already been professionally evaluated and certified, making them more appealing to potential buyers. With Mana Studio, a potential buyer can easily lookup the card you’re selling and see all the information that went into grading it, thanks to our use of AI.

This transparency can help increase the marketability of your Mana graded cards, as potential buyers can see all the hard data that has gone into their evaluation. So if you’re looking to sell your collection, consider having your cards graded by Mana to increase their marketability and appeal to potential buyers.

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