5 Pikachu Promo Cards All With Tales to Tell

by | May 7, 2022 | Pokemon

Pikachu is undoubtedly the most iconic Pokemon. At this point, the character is so popular that people who don’t even have an interest in Pokemon can recognize a Pikachu. This furry yellow mouse has captured hearts across the globe and is the focal point when it comes to Pokemon merchandise and promotional material. So it comes as no surprise that the TCG’s favorite pokemon is often the subject of limited release promo cards for many of the Pokemon Company’s biggest collaborations.

The Pokemon Company is widely known for such collaborations, working with big brands and events, movie releases, competitions; the list goes on. There is no shortage of volume when it comes to promo cards moving around second-hand marketplaces, however, there are a select few that have a much more limited supply, boosting their value.

Let’s jump in and take a look at 5 Pikachu Promo cards that have their own stories to tell.

5.  Uniqlo Pikachu $140

In 2021 the Japanese clothing store Uniqlo and the Pokemon company partnered up on a series of cross-brand merchandise; with every purchase, you’d get one Pikachu promo card for free, turns out this meant they sold ALOT of shirts. There were four different versions of the card featuring Pikachu in varying outfits and scenes, our personal favorite in the office being the snowman variant. With these fun illustrations and limited supply, it’s no surprise these cards have become collectible by fans of Pokemon TCG.

4. Nikol Fujita Pikachu $200

These Nicole Fujita Pikachu Promo cards were given to people in Shibuya, Japan. Nicole Fujita, the voice of a Pikachu called Curly in ‘A Plethora of Pikachu‘ was present to promote and open a new store in the city, and the Pokemon Company went all out adding her image to the card alongside a Pikachu. The cards also have a very unique holographic pattern of hearts. Cute.

With only 13000 cards in circulation, there is a small supply of these cards in mint or near mint condition, and if you manage to find a Gem Mint or flawless cars, you’d get around $200 or more for it on reseller markets.

3. Beams Pikachu GX $230

Next up, we have another retail giveaway with a Pikachu Promo card that was given out to customers who brought more than 2400 Yen worth of merch at the Beams Store during a collaboration with the Pokemon company. The cards were limited to 2 per person, and the cards were only given to kids from elementary school or below. Safe to say these weren’t super easy to get hold of, you had to participate in a lottery to even get a chance and buy the merch! These cards can fetch as much as $200-$250 in mint condition.

2. Special Delivery Pikachu $250

The launch of the Pokemon Center website in Canada was celebrated with this awesome Delivery Pikachu. If you spent more than $20 on the site, you were given this card. It is probably the best Promo Pikachu card in English; with the Japanese variants rarely making it to Western promotions.

1. The Wagon Pikachu $400

This Wagon Pikachu card is one of the most expensive Pikachu promos, and for a good reason. The supply is very low but also has the saddest backstory.

This card was released in Japan as an unnumbered XY-P Promotional card as part of the POKÉMON with YOU Wagon program in Tohoku, where a huge earthquake struck on March 11, 2011. The earthquake, and tsunami that followed, took the lives of many people. This Pikachu is a special promo which was given to children in this particularly heavy-hit region, from around mid-November, 2014.

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