AEW Trading Card Grading

At Mana, we are experts in unleashing the true potential of grading your AEW Trading Cards, guaranteeing their authenticity and enhancing their market value. Our state-of-the-art AI grading system ensures precise evaluations, while our secure encapsulation methods safeguard your prized collection.
Trading Card Grading slabs from Mana Grading

Our Grading Process

AI Card Grading. Backed by data, not opinion.

Every card submitted to Mana Grading go through the same simple 3 step process to ensure the most accurate grade and fast turnaround.


Analysed by DragonEye

Your card is heavily analyzed by Dragon Eye to look for any potential alterations such as trimming, inking (edges/borders), and many other counterfeit possibilities.

In addition, Dragon Eye assigns your card a provisional grade for centering, surface, edges, and corners.


Into the hands of expert card graders

Our graders will grade the cards thoroughly and accurately, using the AI provisional grade to enable complete accuracy.

Our graders are highly trained TCG enthusiasts who take great pride in preserving our high standards, never settling for lazy grades.


Expertly sealed into high-quality slabs

All of our cases are sonic welded, meaning they can never be opened without the weld frosting.

This paired with a digital record of your grade being available through Mana Studio means that you have all your grading info directly at your fingertips. 

Our Grading Criteria

Our grading standards are designed for collectors. We don’t turn away damaged cards, and we grade all the way from 0.5-10, including half grades and two 10’s to cater for Flawless Cards with perfect Alignment (oooo so rare!)

Transparent Grading Reports

When you grade your AEW Trading cards with Mana, our service doesnt end at grading. You'll receive a detailed grading report outlining the card's attributes, grade, and any notable characteristics, all conveniently stored within your free Mana Studio account.

Your Overall Grade

High-res scans of your card

Highlight Damage found by the AI and review Graders Notes.

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We pride ourselves on offering a professional service that cannot be beaten, and as part of that, we ensure our turnaround times and prices are always transparent.

Price reflects order of 100+ cards

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