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This helps us assign you ownership of your cards and assign reward points for you to collect and spend in Mana Studio.

Submission rules & instructions

  1. We do not currently accept oversized cards, all standard sized TCG cards are accepted, this includes all pokemon, yu gi oh, magic the gathering and so on. If you are unsure please contact our customer support and we will answer any questions.
  2. Please make sure that the order is sent and labelled for Mana Grading, we cannot be held responsible if you send your cards to the wrong address. You will receive the address after checkout is complete, along with further instructions.
  3. All orders must include your name, email and phone number, failure to do so may result in a delay for your order. If any delays happen as a result we can not honor the delay rebate discount.
  4. Altered, fake or tampered cards will still be processed and encapsulated at full price, the card will receive a grade still, however, it will be marked as non-authentic or altered.
  5. When you submit an order you agree to all terms and conditions listed, our process is run in line with the laws of The United States of America and the state of California.
  6. Any orders may be cancelled, if the order has not shipped yet, please contact us to cancel the order. If we have already received your cards then there will be a cost of $2 per card and return shipping costs.
  7. Your orders will always be sent with the selected shipping class, shipping delays that incur after the cards have been shipped are out of our control and we can not be held accountable for this.
  8. Cases can have frosting/white areas/light damage, this can happen from the sonic welder during the sealing process, you agree and acknowledge that this may occur and is normal.
  9. Drop off/Pickup is by appointment only. When submitting your cards you agree that all cards are submitted as-is, the condition of the card will be noted by you before submission. We can not be held responsible for any damages in transition or during the handover period to Mana Grading.

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